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Treating Your Allergies at Home

There are a slew of products at your local store and things you can do at home that can help to alleviate the runny nose, itchy eyes, and other symptoms you're experiencing through your allergies. These at-home treatments include remedies such as air filters, hypoallergenic bedding, over the counter antihistamines, and homeopathic solutions.

One remedy that's particularly helpful for indoor allergies, and easy to do, is to keep windows closed and to regularly check and replace the air filters in your home. By keeping these filters clean and replacing them when necessary, you can reduce the number of allergens being blown throughout your home. Keeping the surfaces of your home clean and bedding freshly laundered in hot water is also beneficial in controlling indoor allergens such as pet dander and dust mites. Adding a standalone air purifier has also been shown to help control indoor allergens.

While these options are readily available to you, it's important to set realistic expectations with your selected solution. For example, slipping on an anti-allergenic pillowcase isn't going to eliminate all the dust mite allergens in your living space. There are many remedies out there that can assist in controlling your allergies. It's important to carefully evaluate each option with your particular symptoms and when in doubt, to always consult your doctor.


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