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What Can Help - Avoidance


Since your allergy symptoms will only occur in the presence of an allergen, one option for reducing symptoms is to simply avoid the allergen.  With easily identifiable allergens such as drugs and foods, this may be a reasonable strategy.  However, since airborne allergens exist in such high quantities in the air that they are nearly impossible to avoid when they are in season.

Taking steps to minimize your exposure can be helpful to reduce your symptoms.  Some options are: 

•Avoid going into natural areas during pollen season

•Keep your windows closed to minimize the amount of pollen coming into your home

•Use an air filter in your home

•Clean your home regularly to prevent the build-up of dust and other allergens

•Use mattress and pillow covers and wash these frequently


Despite these interventions, however, they are not likely to be sufficient to completely remove your symptoms.  It is good to supplement these interventions with other treatments, such as short term use of OTC drugs like antihistamine or seeing an Allergy Professional for a long term solution.



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