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Risks and Warnings for Immunotherapy

Allergy Immunotherapy (allergy shots) is a treatment for patients exhibiting allergic reactions to seasonal pollens, dust mites, animal danders and various other inhalants in situations where the offending allergen cannot be avoided.

Prior to initiation of therapy, the clinical sensitivity should be established by careful evaluation of the patient’s history confirmed by diagnostic skin testing. Allergy shots should not be prescribed for sensitivities to allergens that can easily be avoided.

Although allergy shots have been proven to be highly effective in treating the underlying cause of allergies, patients on allergy shots may experience side effects.

Numerous controlled studies have demonstrated the clinical efficacy of immunotherapy with cat, dust mites, and some pollen extracts. Nevertheless, responses are variable, and in a few studies patients reported no appreciable benefits.

As with all allergenic extracts, severe systemic reactions may occur. In certain individuals, these life-threatening reactions may be fatal.

Your Allergy Specialist can provide you with all allergy treatment options and full prescribing information. Please discuss treatment indications with your Allergy Specialists.