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Tricia Moore began working at ALK as a researcher, characterizing allergenic extracts and conducting collaborative studies. In 2013, Dr. Moore transitioned to the role of Scientific Liaison. As a Scientific Liaison, she provides technical assistance related to immunotherapy for practices performing both allergy testing and treatment. Dr. Moore travels throughout the U.S. to conduct practice evaluations and to provide lectures to practices, fellowship and residency programs, and allergy societies. In addition to these activities, Dr. Moore compiles scientific communications, reviews scientific literature, and facilitates science-related training of ALK staff. Following the acquisition of Bio-Medical Services in 2014, Dr. Moore also began working in the field of veterinary allergy. This involvement includes scientific communications, technical inquiries and facilitation of scientific research collaborations. Dr. Moore received a Bachelor of Science degree from Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas and went on to pursue a PhD in Nutritional Biochemistry from The University of Texas at Austin. Her dissertation work, conducted at MD Anderson Cancer Center, focused on the association between energy balance (calorie restriction, obesity) and cancer development and progression. Dr. Moore further pursued this correlation during her postdoctoral work at The University of Texas at Austin. Much like allergy-related disease, the energy balance effects on cancer were largely mediated by inflammation. It was this correlation, and an interest in allergic rhinitis that led Dr. Moore to pursue work with ALK. She has enjoyed the opportunity to shift scientific focus and to interact regularly with those providing care to allergic patients.

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